Farm Aid 2016 in Bristow, Virginia


Growing up in Wisconsin’s Driftless Area, I was heavily influenced by family farms and a surging folk movement. My father descends from several generations of farmers and my parents had a dairy farm when I was born, but times were tough and they sold the farm a few short years later. Even after we sold the farm, we were still connected to farming through various relatives and community activities. As a result, I have always had deep appreciation for the struggles and perseverance of today’s…

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Blackwater Falls State Park in West Virginia

A friend recently suggested we take a trip to Blackwater Falls State Park in West Virginia, which happens to be one of his favorite day trip destinations. As soon as Hubs mentioned it to me, I jumped on my…

National Park Service Centennial

Celebrating the National Park Service Centennial

To national park nerds like myself, the National Park Service Centennial has provided a unique opportunity to share our love of the national parks with our family, friends, and our social media connections. Being the die-hard national park nerd…


National Park Map Prints

We moved into our new house last November and have been slowly working on updating the paint and decor to match our tastes. Up next on my list is decorating the office. Hubs and I have established a “I do the…


Battling Infertility

Infertility. It is perplexing how one single word can bring about so many emotions. In an ideal world, it wouldn’t exist, as every couple who wanted to have a child would be able to have a child. In the next best scenario,…


Fair Trade Winds in Fairfax, VA

Many of my favorite shops and restaurants are those that I have stumbled upon while out wandering, and this find is no different. A quick stop for Cava Mezze Grill and now I have a new go-to store for…

Adventure Food

Cascadian Farm Roadside Stand

One of my favorite aspects of adventuring, as we call it in my family, is that there are always little perks along the way. One recent perk happened on our recent day-trip to the North Cascades National Park Complex…


Seattle Daytrip to Diablo Lake

The Ross Lake National Recreation Area is simply stunning. We visited the main drag (Highway 20) during our day trip to North Cascades National Park and fell in love with the turquoise waters of Diablo Lake. Seriously, check it…